Time zone and Weather

In June the Time zone in Palma is Central European Summer Time (GMT + 2 hours). For more information click here.

During this month, the average temperature starts off at 18-19°C and gradually rises until it reaches 23°C in the last few days.Throughout June, the daily highs range from 25°C to 29°C, dropping below 22°C or exceeding 32°C only one day in ten. The daily lows for the month fall between 14°C and 17°, only going lower than 11°C or higher than 21°C one day out of every ten. Thanks to a very low average rainfall – only 15mm for the whole month – divided between five days, it is unlikely you’ll experience any type of rain during your stay. Moderate rain is the most common type of precipitation you can expect for June. (Palma weather forecast.)


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